Antistasis exist to assist activists and organizations in increasing their impact and visibility. The project is available on a contract basis for sliding-scale cost to efforts that are compatible with our goals.

Antistasis [ἀντίστασις] is the Greek word meaning “resistance,” most commonly used to name the partisan fighters in that country who opposed fascist occupation by Italy and Germany during the 1940s.

The only current common use of this word in English is as a rhetorical term for the repetition of a word in a different or contrary sense. In this grammatical context, it is pronounced with the Greek intonation: “an-TIS-ta-sis”.

The Antistasis Project is using this word both as a nod to our anti-fascists ancestors and in its Greek etymological sense. As such, we are pronouncing it “anti-STAY-sis” in English, intending a more literally meaning: the opposition to a state or condition in which there is no action or progress.

Goals of the Antistasis Project

  • Defending the natural world and human communities from industrial infrastructure and greed-driven development
  • Promoting solidarity with cultures and people that have deep connections to the earth
  • Challenging environmental racism, gentrification, the police state and prisons
  • Developing skills and analysis for harmonious living with the planet and each other
  • Growing and sustaining an inter-generational, multi-racial, multi-gender movement of revolutionaries

More about Antistasis

The Antistasis Project provides trainings, action planning assistance, fundraising support, strategic outreach planning, layout and design, ground-truthing and environmental permit challenges, activist legal support (for criminal, civil and environmental cases including necessity defense preparation), assistance with fiscal sponsorship for grassroots direct action groups, and childcare/family-inclusion coordination for activist groups.

Some collaborations include work with the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons, Sabal Trail Resistance, Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition, Earth First! (the Journal and local groups), Prison Legal News, Rising Tide North America, Global Justice Ecology Project, Abolitionist Law Center, FL Immigrant Coalition, Civic Media Center (Gainesville), IWOC, FL Prisoner Solidarity, and others. 

Some efforts currently getting our attention:

  • Assisting the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons in a successful effort to stop the construction of a federal prison in Letcher County, KY and in the development of interactive maps on the intersections between incarceration and the environment
  • Solidarity work with queer, trans and gender variant communities involved with organizing around January 22 Trans Prisoner Day of Action
  • Opposing the construction of Biotech Laboratories on the Briger Forest in South Florida (and production/distribution of the film “Story of a Forest”)
  • Fighting prisons, pipelines and phosphate mines in North Florida
  • Participation with Gainesville Area Action for Environmental Justice in community organizing in/near downtown Gainesville, FL, opposing landfill expansion, gentrification and other forms of environmental racism

Other active interests

  • Supporting local communities responding to police, deportation threats, fascist groups seeking public platforms, and other racist attacks
  • Support for efforts to increase local autonomy and public engagement through voter registration in suppressed/criminalized communities
  • Environmental education with a focus on food justice and community health

Our style of organizing and group structure

While Antistasis coordinates activities with fiscal sponsor organizations using 501c3 status, it does not operate in a conventional NGO model.

We seek to operate as a flexible entity that maintains a broad set of goals and a general mission statement which can be adaptable to support spontaneous and urgent organizing efforts and work with organizations outside conventional funding streams.

We also aim to develop a long-term membership/donor base which lessens reliance on foundations and grant funding.

The organizing philosophy is one that embraces informality and minimalist decision making structures at some levels and direct democracy style operations at other times, as participants/collaborations see fit.

We are not bound to any ideological purity, but as a project of anarchistic tendencies, we seek the dissolution of power and the rise of voluntary cooperation in practical, achievable ways both in daily life and in social struggle.